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It is important to be able to access the right loss control and risk management information quickly and conveniently. With Tokio Marine America, our customers are able to get the information they require through the TMA Loss Control 360 (LC360) Client Portal.

Management Loss Control Information

As a customer of Tokio Marine, you'll be able to use LC360 Client Portal to view and manage all your loss control related documentation and location recommendations. LC360 is a web-based application giving you access to all the information you'll need.

Manage Location Surveys and Reports

With LC360 Client Portal you can easily access location service activity, reports and letters, and support information and documentation. You can view completed and upcoming surveys, and even "Suggest Schedule Info" where you can suggest a date and time of day for the upcoming visit with our Loss Control Consultant.

Manage Location Recommendations

You will have the ability to view all your current location recommendations and respond to recommendations using a secure "real time" link. You can also export recommendations to an Excel spreadsheet to share with others within your organization.

Share Information and Documents

With LC360 Client Portal you can easily access and share your loss control information. Client Portal makes it easy to share the information with us by uploading documents through the Client Attachment widget.

Customize Your Portal

LC360 Client Portal allows users to customize and configure grid tables with information that is important to you.

Resource Library

To enhance your loss control activities, LC360 Client Portal houses a variety of resource materials that you can access and download when and where you need them.

Tokio Marine has published a number of white papers on relevant and current loss control topics, including:

  • Safety and Health
  • Property Protection
  • General Liability
  • Fleet Safety
  • Products Liability

We also offer other safety resources such as safety training courses through an online learning management system that meet your employee safety training needs.

Ensuring Secure Access to Your Information

We know that it's important for our customers to have confidence that their data, and access to it, is secure at all times. LC360 Client Portal utilizes several security measures to provide secured online data to our customers. Individual sign on and password protection can be differentiated between Account Level Access or Location Specific Users, and Casualty and HPR Property coverage. Client Portal also has secured site protection and inactive session time out.

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