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Highly Protected Risk (HPR) Property and Large Property Loss Control

Highly Protected Risk (HPR) Property and Large Property Loss Control

Property is a highly valuable asset and an integral part of many businesses. At Tokio Marine, we understand the complexities of managing property risks so we can tailor a risk management program that's right for your business.

Whether you're an organization with single site occupancy or with multiple locations and complex processes, we will work with you to understand the hazards and reduce the frequency and severity of property losses and the risks of business interruption. We recognize that each business has individual needs, so we work in partnership with our customers to deliver long-lasting solutions.

In our view, a successful risk management program requires a blend of both physical and human element components. To provide customers with a responsive service that offers practical solutions for preventing losses and preserving assets, we take a team-based approach. Our expert account engineers, field consultants and underwriters all have strong HPR backgrounds. They will use their experience on your behalf to work with you to construct appropriate risk management programs that are practical, economical and efficient.

Our HPR Loss Control Services

We offer customers an extensive range of property loss control services including:

  • Site Surveys
  • New construction specifications
  • Plan reviews
  • Benchmarking of individual locations
  • Earthquake hazard analysis
  • Coastal property evaluations
  • Flood hazard surveys
  • Business interruption evaluations
  • Hydraulic analysis of sprinkler systems
  • Special project consultations
  • Fire pump acceptance testing
  • Special extinguishing systems
  • Online fire protection impairment notification
  • Large loss investigations

We are also able to provide CAD insurance plans, and Boiler and Machinery jurisdictional inspections through our designated service providers.

Everything we do is focused on excellence and best practice. Our property evaluations are based on industry-recognized codes and standards including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

NFPA Property Insurance Research Group (PIRG)

Tokio Marine participates in the NFPA PIRG. This group works under the NFPA Fire Protection Research Foundation with representatives from major North American Insurance Companies to identify and address current challenges for loss control in the HPR (Highly Protected Risk) Insurance industry.

The Fire Protection Research Foundation has a 25 year track record of using research to improve fire protection codes and raise the level of safety in commercial and industrial facilities worldwide. As a leading sponsor in this group, Tokio Marine provides direction of key research projects within the PIRG that benefit our clients and focus on reasonable and practical solutions to challenges in Risk Management and Loss Control. Participation in this group is voluntary, and group projects are funded by annual membership fees. The PIRG continually seeks to expand its membership and increase available funds for research and testing. For more information on the NFPA PIRG Portfolio of completed and ongoing projects, please visit the website at: