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TMM Cost Containment

Cost Containment

Cost Containment Programs

Preventing escalating medical and disability cost requires early intervention through a series of cost containment strategies including a comprehensive Managed Care Program.

Tokio Marine cost containment programs include:

  • Medical Bill review: Control Cost by identifying over utilization, overcharging, miscoding, as well as other abuses and paying only for treatment that is medically necessary.
  • Utilization Review: Pre-certification of medical treatment to ensure all treatment requests are medically necessary.
  • PPO Networks: Quickly locate quality medical care with industrial clinics, hospitals, specialists, diagnostic facilities, durable medical equipment, as well as physical and psychological therapists.
  • Pharmacy Savings Programs: Lower prescription costs by utilizing network pharmacies, control overutilization, and simplify filling prescriptions with no out of pocket expense.
  • Managed Care Organization Programs (MCO): Provide maximum cost savings by utilizing a certified network of quality medical providers. MCO savings are achieved by extending medical control and channeling medical care to quality network providers. Each state has their own unique requirements for implementation. See below to learn more about Tokio Marine’s MCO offerings.

Managed Care Organization Programs

In an effort to help control the rising cost of workers' compensation, states have passed legislation allowing employers to utilize managed care organizations (MCO).

A Managed Care Organization (MCO) is a network of licensed healthcare professionals committed to providing quality medical treatment at a discounted price.

Tokio Marine has MCOs certified in the states of California and Texas.

Tokio Marine continually evaluates new legislation signed into law to ensure we are in compliance and offer the latest in managed care services for our customers.

To learn more about Tokio Marine’s Managed Care Organizations available in your state:

For assistance with Managed Care enrollment, please send an email to