Tokio Marine America and the U.S. group of Tokio Marine companies (“Tokio Marine”) are concerned about the privacy and protection of the Personal Information we collect about our customers, former customers, applicants and claimants and we are committed to protecting this information. Personal Information (such as address, telephone number, Social Security number) is defined as all non-public information we collect about an individual that is personally identifiable. In accordance with federal and state laws and regulations, Tokio Marine has developed this Tokio Marine Privacy Statement. All individuals with access to Personal Information about our customers, former customers, applicants and claimants are required to follow this Privacy Policy.


1.       Tokio Marine will collect only that Personal Information which is necessary for 1) determining eligibility for a product or service requested by a customer, applicant or claimant; 2) administering a product or service; or 3) advising a customer about products or services. We consider a customer to be any individual who obtains or seeks to obtain a Tokio Marine policy for personal, family or household products. All Personal Information shall be accessed solely on a need-to-know basis.


2.       We will not share Personal Information about a customer, former customer, applicant or claimant with any unaffiliated third party for marketing non-Tokio Marine products.  We may disclose Personal Information to an unaffiliated third party such as a third party administrator, vendor, claim adjuster or insurance producer (agents/brokers), as necessary, and related to servicing an insurance product or providing a service. We may disclose Personal Information to other third parties such as a reinsurer or law firm related to a business transaction and as permitted by law.


3.       Before Tokio Marine discloses any Personal Information to an unaffiliated third party, the appropriate department will make sure that a contract is in place between Tokio Marine and the third party, that the contract contains the appropriate confidentiality/privacy provision and that the contract has been reviewed by the Legal Department.


4.       IN NO EVENT will Tokio Marine disclose a policy or account number to any unaffiliated third party for use in telemarketing, direct mail or e-mail marketing.


5.       Tokio Marine will not disclose health information about a customer to any other company (even an affiliated party) without the customer’s authorization, unless the disclosure is permitted by law.  Tokio Marine is permitted to disclose health information for the performance of normal insurance functions such as claims administration, fraud reporting, underwriting, reinsurance, actuarial research and auditing.


6.       Tokio Marine maintains appropriate and necessary physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect data and files containing Personal Information and expects insurance producers (agents/brokers) to do the same.


7.       A Privacy Notice shall be provided to customers, applicants and claimants as required by law.


8.       All customers are entitled to access, review and correct (if inaccurate) the information in their files.


Tokio Marine collects and stores identifying information of eTokio users including identifying information that is provided when the website is accessed and used.  This information is used by Tokio Marine to provide products and services to users as well as to enable users to provide products and services to customers and applicants.


This Privacy Policy applies to Tokio Marine America Insurance Company, Trans Pacific Insurance Company, TM Casualty Insurance Company, TM Specialty Insurance Company, TM Claims Service, Inc., TNUS Insurance Company, Tokio Re Corporation and Axia Services, Inc.

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