Important Note:  eTokio has again improved the efficiency in your office.  We believe you will appreciate the significant changes within the download process.  If you have never used download or if you have not successfully downloaded policy data since December 12th, 2001 you MUST reinstall the software on each machine used in the download process before using the service.  Instructions are found below.  Please notify Customer Service by Feedback, email, or call 626.568.7698 with any problems you encounter while completing this process.


Step 1  Register here

If you have registered and received confirmation from Customer Service proceed to Step 2.  If you have registered, but did not receive confirmation after one business day, please email, call or contact Customer Service with our Feedback form.

Step 2 (Software Installation) Install Software

Important Note: Complete this process prior to attempting the initial download.

  1. Select the option "Run this program from its current location" then click "Continue" to begin the TransFlunet Web AL3 installation process.

  2. From the “Welcome” window, click "Next" 

  3. Select the destination folder for the Transfluent AL3 software.  If you select “Next” without selecting another folder, the software will be installed in C:\Transfluent\Agencylink (recommended).

  4. Select your agency management system type from the dropdown window.

  5. In the area labeled "Insurance Company File Extension"  type "AL3"

  6. Agency System Import Directory:  If you selected the correct Agency Management System, the installation program will find and verify the directory used to store and process all download data.  If no directory is shown, you may have selected the incorrect system or TransFluent may recognize your system under a different name.  If no directory is recognized during the software installation process please call customer service for assistance.

Step 3 (Agency Download)

  1. Logon to eTokio.

  2. In the Online Services menu from the main page click "Registered Users."

  3. On the new page, created automatically by the Browser, click " Download Now" (you may close this page at any time).

  4. Enter your User ID and Password (case sensitive).  Note: Security requires the system to prompt a password change during the initial logon and every 60 days thereafter. For more information on passwords, visit our FAQ page.

  5. You may now download all files available or process one file at a time to your agency management system.  The counter on the page shows how many files are available (See Note below).  If the count is more than 5 we suggest you download one file at a time.

  6. When the download process is complete the message "Download Completed – Archive Successful" will be displayed.

  7. When all files have been received, the message "You have No Data Available" will be displayed.

Note: MyAgency creates a download file executed daily except for holidays and weekends.  We strongly recommend you complete this process each workday.  When you download data for multiple days, it may be appended to the same file.  Please contact your agency management vendor for assistance and further instructions regarding this process.

Customer Service 626.568.7698