eTokio Security

  • MyAgency Security Upgrade:  To assure the highest possible degree of data integrity we have upgraded the security at  Although there will be no difference in the way you work at, minor changes in the settings of your Microsoft browser are required.  Click here for detailed instructions.
  • Agent Number Field:  This agent number will be the number we use to check all quotes, policies, etc.  To verify the user does/does not have access to a particular piece of business.  When a new quote is started, this agent number will be assigned to the quote (at the same time the quote number is assigned).

  •   Name Fields:  After Agent Number field, we will retain First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name fields.  You will want to retain this information for those users that are not agents.

  •   Authority level The only valid Types of Users are Agent, Underwriter and Administrator.

  • User Id:  As a free form field, agents will use a User Id they identify during the user setup process.  Users can change their User ID by submitting a request here.

  • Password:  Will be masked (*******) in the security tables.  Each User Id will be prompted every 60 days to change their password.  The password can be any combination of alpha numeric characters greater than 7 but not more than 30.  A user can manually change their password here.

  • Reset of Password - Common User ID and Password for Agents office:  If a common User Id and Password are used in an office the first user accessing the system on the 60th day will be the one prompted to modify the password.  This person must notify all MyAgency users within their office.

  • Date Originally Added: This date will be set whenever a new user is added to the security table.  This system uses this date to calculate the change password date (60 days). 

  • Download:  This User ID and Password are completely separate from the MyAgency login processIt is another secure zone within MyAgency and as a result requires a unique authentication.  When you register for Agency download in your office, you will be notified of the User Id and Password to be used in the download process.  It is important you keep this information in a secure place.  

Note:  The person authorized by your office to administer the download process can change the User ID and Password with a written request to  The request must contain the administer's name, phone number, and email address.  Do not include the new User ID and Password.  A Customer Service representative will verify your request and obtain this information by phone or mail.